Pedigree Schmackos 4 Meats x20<br /><br />

Pedigree Schmackos 4 Meats x20

£1.99 Our Ref No : 1579
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Product Information

Pedigree Schmackos in 4 lip smacking flavours. With Omega 3 to help keep him fit for life, vitamins to help maintain his natural defences and minerals including calcium to help give him strong bones. No artificial colours or flavours.

Dogs love meat Soft and scrumptious Schmackos are full of the meaty flavours that dogs adore. Feed whole or tear into smaller pieces, either way you will be treating your dog with the thing he likes best.

Ingredients: Meat and Animal Derivatives (39% Meat, including 17% Beef, 6% Chicken, 5% Lamb, 4% Duck, 17% Fresh Meat),Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Minerals, Various Sugars, Oils and Fats, Antioxidants